About us


“ For me Artwork should speak for itself, raise emotions, encourage our thinking, and stimulate our desire to learn and experience more”.

We link Art, Conservation Science, and Education through the mediums of watercolour and acrylic painting, ink and pencil illustration and photography.

Conservation Science and Education
25 years in conservation and ecology for both the public and private sectors as Reserves’ Warden for The Nature Conservancy Council and Scottish Natural Heritage and providing advisory and area support throughout Scotland in moorland management and agriculture, habitat restoration, field survey, and the development of interpretation and public access. Creating best practice demonstration projects and providing training to the public and private sectors, universities, agricultural colleges and ranger services.

Art and Illustration
A lifelong fascination with the shapes and movement of wildlife, other natural forms and country life have resulted in numerous exhibitions and a long association with Nature In Art, serving as a member of council for several years. Art work is exhibited and commissioned widely through Europe and America with works in the collection of the home of “Birds in Art” the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum Wisconsin, and many other public and private collections.

The links to science and education is focused through the aims of Nature in Art, the Stanford Science Art –Nature education programme, Birdlife International and its associates such as the World Pheasant Association, as well as many national and regional conservation bodies. Providing illustrations, art work and photography for publications and exhibition



What we do

Plan, Design and create interpretation for your space and needs.
• Fine Art, photography and graphic illustration for publication, exhibition, and digital display.
• 3D modeling and audio formats to enhance visitor experience.


How we do it

• Individually tailored design available in a wide range of formats and sizes as original artwork, display panels, banners, decorative arts, paper publications and other products.

• Use experienced quality approved makers, contractors and suppliers.


Who we do it for
To enrich the visitor/audience experience for • Museums, visitor centres facilities including parks/trails • GO’s and NGO’s • Conservation and Heritage bodies • Farmers and Landowners • Golf courses • Holiday Parks • Publishers and media outlets.